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The telephone kiosk in Back Street is looking very tired, and overdue in need of a makeover! BT have put the kiosk up for adoption under their community scheme, however this has been overruled by ERYC. BT will not spend any money on re-furbishing the kiosk, so the village is stuck with a tatty kiosk that does nothing for the image of the village...

But there is a solution! A local business has contacted BT, and they have given permission for a group of village residents to re-paint and tidy up the kiosk... they have supplied a new sign for the front of the kiosk, and will supply a complete re-painting kit free of charge!

So, what's needed is a group of three or four people to come together to carry out the work. BT require a quite comprehensive clean and re-paint carried out, so expect the work to take the best part of a day... refreshments will be provided!

If you can spare the time, please will you email Michael. Thank you!

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