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Latest News - Broadband Internet Available in Langtoft, to enquire click the BROADBAND link above.

@langtoft.net email addresses and wireless BroadBand available now!

Yes, it's true! You can show your support for your village community and website by getting a free @langtoft email address - how exclusive is that? If that's not enough for you, we've also got wirelless internet connections available too!

A wireless Broadband Connection will give an download speed of about 5mbps and an upload of about 0.6mbps...

... and they are not cheap amateur connections either! When we checked the available speeds yesterday - using an independent online speed testing service - we had available 6.03 mbps download and 0.66 mbps upload, and believe me that's pretty fast! There is low contention (that means not too many people trying to use the connections at the same time) and the connections are with LN Communications - the company that started out as Langtoft.Net and is based in Driffield!

A complete new installation will cost £90.00 and the monthly cost is £15.99

If this interests you (and why wouldn't it? - it much faster than many other connections!) please contact Michael who will sort everything out for you

31 people attended the latest village meeting to determine the future of the Church Room as a village venue.

Many excellent ideas were put forward, and everyone agreed that it was important to gather some more information and support...

Michael Whitley, Owner of Cambrai Covers, offered to donate a wireless Broadband connection for the Church Room. This will enable the use of small tablet computers, laptops and smart phones for teaching, group events, entertainment and much much more! More news will follow very soon...

Online Newsletter - yes, really! Your favourite local news magazine - the Langtoft Benefice News - will soon be available online! The new editor - Jo Richardson - is welcome as we bid a fond - and very grateful - farewell to Mrs Chris Harland, the outgoing Editor

To post or respond to a story or article, please email THE EDITOR

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